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10 BEST Google My Business Optimization Tips to Rank Higher – STEP BY STEP

Google My Business

Google my business is the best marketing opportunity right now for small business.

In this article, I’m gonna break down these 10 tips that you can use to optimize your listing and get to the top of Google. These are the same tips that I use as a marketing consultant and trainer for my clients.

So if you want to get more customers and make more money.

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If you’ve struggled with online marketing, it’s not your fault. Online marketing has never been more difficult. Your Facebook page reach has never been lower online ads have never been more expensive.

Because they’re so crowded!

So if you’re struggling, it’s not your fault. But I’m here to say that you can succeed with online marketing and I want to help you do that.

I believe Google my business is a great marketing opportunity for small business. That’s why I writing this article to help you achieve your dreams of creating a successful business and mastering your online marketing.

So let’s go ahead and get started!

Number #1: Encourage Customers to Leave Reviews

I know you’ve heard of this tip. But it’s never been more important than right now. Some marketers aren’t out their online marketing experts say that some businesses that have a lot of customers coming in. And really rely on Google reviews should be asking every single customer.

Whether it’s through email text displays of information in the store encouraging and asking reviews. One thing that I will say that many businesses forget about is telling them exactly where to go and how to do it.

Be Specific!

So you can’t just say leave me reviews online, you need to direct people exactly where to go and until.

Doubling the number of reviews of your competitors keep hustling and keep pointing people to Google. I know one thing that a lot of small businesses struggle with. When I work with my clients is connecting with people and following up. There’s a lot of software’s out there and I’m not going to get that in this article.

But I recommend text people the link to your Google reviews. This is a Google review link generator by a white spark.

So, you can easily send emails and encourage people to leave a review for you or text some of your best customers to leave a review and to do this.

Google Review Link Genaretor

You can type in your business’s name and at the bottom, they will leave you a Google review link.

Number #2: Order Your Free Small Thanks With Google

The second tip is to order your free package from Google. That includes all of these cool things like a poster a card you can put up, something you can stick to your door to encourage reviews.


They have about 10,000 of them. It’s first-come-first-serve.

So if you haven’t gotten one of these I highly recommend getting one and I’m going to show you off a little bit more of this.

Small Thanks With Google

Really quickly this is the website


it’s free posters social posts and more for your business built by Google and you can incur. You can show off some testimonials.

Also, encourage people to make reviews of your business.

Here’s an example, there’s I think over a hundred styles now of different posters.

support us on google

You can order from Google for free and you can see, where it says support us with your reviews and photos on Google. And then on the right here to support us with your reviews and photos on Google.

This is a table tent and stickers. You can get which is this is a cool resource.

So if you haven’t taken advantage of this, go ahead and do it. It’s a nice soft easy way to encourage customers to leave your reviews.

Number #3: Reply To All Reviews

The Third and last tip around reviews is replying to all reviews.

I see a lot of business owners missed this opportunity to thank their customers and make that connection with them for being that great customer leaving that positive reviews.

But one thing I wanted to touch on is that a little something that a lot of business owners lose.

A little sleep over and that is negative reviews, you still want to reply to all your negative reviews. If you get one it’s not the end of the world a couple of negative reviews aren’t terrible, aren’t bad and here’s why is because people are getting a lot better at sizing up reviews.

So if a business has a couple negative reviews.

A lot of people now are looking at those negative reviews to see what they’re all about. And then they really are also looking to see how the owner responds.

So it’s a really a character-revealing moment for your business and for you. If you are your business to show off how you reply to this negative review.

How do you address it because of a lot of negative reviews?

We know that they come off a little crazy right. The people seem a little extreme, maybe a little intense. Because there are some crazy people out there or maybe I’m blaming the person but maybe someone you work for just screwed up or someone who works for you just screwed up.

So you need to write the wrong.

How to Handle Negative Reviews

I’m going to go over some quick tips I found online – just how you need to handle negative reviews. It’s how I share it with clients. This is what I usually tell them but it’s in a visual form.

response bad reviews

So it’s like how this is set up, this is an infographic by Blue Corona and just quickly here. What you want to do is respond quickly within 24 hours.

Because that’s when the person’s going to be upset and you do want to try to resolve their issue keep it your response brief. I’ve seen some clients and business owners who they’re angry. When they see that review they may even know. That customer in the situation and maybe they misconstrued it.

So they put on the all-caps locks and just start typing as they’re seeing red.

You might want to do that to get it out of your system. If that makes you feel better, but definitely have somebody else review it.

Before you post it because you want to keep something, you definitely want to keep it as brief as possible. And in that brief or brief response own up to whatever the complaint is about. Even if you think it’s not your fault still own up to it.


Even if it wasn’t your fault.

I think that’s an important offer to fix the problem and follow up with your promises.

So make sure that they that you satisfy that customer. And one thing I want to mention one other thing on negative reviews.

It’s not always about that one person that one customer. It’s about the thousands of tens of thousands. If you have a business that searched a lot. You may have hundreds of thousands of people over several years reading this review.

So make sure that you do a quality reply to it and it’s something that people will see for many years potentially many years.

Number #4: Order an Interior Virtual Tour

To come to my fourth tip is to order a virtual tour.

I know some of you know about this or some of you may have ordered this. But I’m gonna give it a little caveat to it that I see happening a little bit with my clients.

So a virtual tour an interior virtual tour is the really the only paid feature. That I recommend with Google my business everything else is for free and it depends on the size of your business.

But on average it costs about $300 to $500 hundred dollars. What it does is it allows people to see inside of your business. Have a 360-degree view and walk through it.

I want to show you what a good interior virtual tour looks like. And here I’m on the Google my business listing for a crepe bar in Atlanta. I click on the first photo here and this is what an interior virtual tour will do.

360 view

It’ll allow you to move around and look inside the business. As a potential customer and real size, it the business and determine if you want to go there.

So I can see a lot of stuff over there and seats a very appealing place. I mean it looks nice, it could be a good date place, could be a good place, to get some lunch whatever.

I’m deciding whether or not. I want to go to this business, even if you’re a service-based business, it might be worth it to have this.

The problem!

I know the problem, I see with business listings is that they don’t hire professionals to do their interior virtual tour and they’re not able to move around inside.

It’s just a picture that you can look around. That’s not what you want. I’ve seen that with a couple of listings, what you want to do is hire someone. Who really knows Google Maps.


I recommend using this resource from Google to hire your professionals for an interior virtual tour. This is the website I’m talking about.

google Street View

But it’s basically Google’s resource to hire you to know the hire a trusted pro to boost your visibility and this is an example of the guy. Who would be coming in and using this camera to take a picture in your business?

And if you scroll down here you can put in your city your city in your state. And find you know probably a thousand certainly hundreds of people who do this.

trusted professional

Most likely around where you live and these are people who are vetted, professionals? That you should look to hire a couple of people. That I’ve seen because you can do a little reverse engineering and seeing.

If these business owners are hiring quality photographers many times. They’re not in this database, they may know how to take and have the technology to take 360-degree pictures.

But they aren’t piecing it together to make it.

So you can walk through the business you definitely want that setup. If you are paying for the money for this.

Number #5: Make Product Based Google Posts

The fifth tip is to make product based Google post. What the heck even is a Google post. But I’m trying to go a little bit more advanced and intermediate with this article.

But Google post is just to catch you up. If you’ve never heard of it is a way for you to make a post and provide information about your business on your Google my business listing. And a product based post is a post optimized for products.

I want to show you why you’d want to do these and post different types of products you have on Google my business listing. It’s Stockton Marketing Agency’s Google my business listing.

Stockton Marketing Agency

It really looks like an app. But they’re still in Google. So if you scroll down you see the overview. Then you see posts and then you see products.

product based on google

They are a service-based business. They don’t sell any actual products. But what you’ll notice is that when you make a product based post and what that is they made that.

Google optimized a post to make it look like a product and this product for them as an online presence review. When they made that and they have the link to their website where you can buy.

Google My Business

It automatically took that post in made and started making a list of other products they have.

So you will see that when you will click on this it opens up a list of potential products. So why you’d want to do that is once you make a slew of these product-based posts. Maybe it’s just 2 or 3 or maybe it’s 20.

But whatever it is that Google is going to take those posts put it under the products tab.

So you have all of these products listed.

So you can figure out and learn what products or services they provide. Without ever having to go to your website.

Which is a pretty cool feature!

This is a little bit more advanced. But I wanted you to be aware of it because it’s obviously something Google’s starting to roll out there in the world.

Number #6: Optimize Google My Business Description

The sixth tip is to optimize your business’s description under Google my business. This is a newish feature Google rolled out your ability to describe. You have the ability to describe your business on Google.

But I just want to encourage you to use all of the characters to fill it out. And make sure you have some keywords in there that people might search for in Google for your business. So that you are using the same keywords to tell Google about what you do that and people are searching for.

Let me show you what that looks like. This is Stockton Marketing Agency’s Google my business.


At the top you can see the menu, they have post product services reviews. Then on the end here is about and after click on about here is the business description. Go ahead and fill it out you want to put out. I know this and I say this.

Because I see a lot of business owners who might just put in a sentence or two. Because it’s something that maybe they just quickly did.

But if you did it, go back and make sure that it is optimized with the different thing you do that. It’s appealing to your customers and speaks to them.

Make sure, it’s not your mission statement.

You don’t want to have it at this formal description. Make it a little bit more informal and fun. But make sure you fill it all out as much as you can and you’re using those keywords.

Because as you can see it’s right there at the top and people can scroll over and read about what you do. You want to make sure that you’re saying right things to get your customers head.

So they say oh this is a business.

I can help this is a business that not only. I want to go to but can help me solve my problems.

Number #7: Fill Out All Attributes

The seventh tip is to fill out all the attributes on your Google my business listing.

Again this is a new ish-feature. But their basic attributes are basically little tidbits of information. Google allows you to provide and the public to provide to get more information about your business to display that information these are just little things.

What’s important!

I’ll show you what how you can add those on your back end. But what’s important about to know about this is that Google’s adding new ones all the time.

So this is something you want to check in at least every few months. So that you know they haven’t there aren’t new attributes that maybe your business applies your business. But you don’t have them applied yet.

So let me show you some examples of that. I am in the back end of a Google my business listing.


This is the attributes feature. This tag and when I click on this. The attributes at the top.

I can edit the attributes of a business. They’re changing and they’re going to be different for the type of business you have.


But this is a food based business that you can see in the photo. It’s wheelchair accessible elevator. If you had that then you want to display that know some this there. All added many more options there. Just check out to your attribute.

The whole idea here is that Google’s trying to collect all this information. So if someone lands on your Google my business listing. They can get all the information they may need about your business to make a smart decision.

So this is some of this stuff is a little. It’s not set in stone, it’s kind of shifts, it’s like as you know saying store we’re just moving around. Because Google’s testing things trying it out. It’s gonna change.

So it’s something you want to check up on every so often.

Number #8: Compare Amount Of Photos To Competitors

The eighth tip is to look at your Google my business insights. Which are the analytics Kippur Shinobu in my business?

And compare how many photos you have uploaded to your competitors.

I say this.

Because I really recommend clients and it might sound a little bit crazy. But it’s definitely doable to have 10 times the amount of photos uploaded and viewed than their competitors. It’s a goal, it’s something to reach towards and you want to do that.

So that you know that people are looking that at that many photos of your business because.

If people are interested in the visual component of your business, that much. I believe for my study for persuasion is they are more likely to take an action call you ask for directions visit your website than your competitors. You have a great opportunity to upload photos and encourage customers to leave photos on your Google my business listing.

Yes! It is.

But before you do that, it’s good to see where you’re at compared to your competitors in your the industry. I am going to see the backend of Stockton Marketing Agency’s Google my business.

photo views

You can see under insights the photo views which is the number of times your business photos have been viewed compared to photos.

It’s compared to photos from other businesses. This is a business and you can see here that’s in the last quarter they’ve had their photos viewed 200,000 times. I’m just gonna say a customer’s viewed their photos 200,000 times over a quarter 3 months.

That’s a ton of opportunity to persuade and convince customers to do business with you. I mean that’s a ton of you have numbers like that, then you really need to focus on your photos. It won’t be like that from the average business.

But you might see that or even more and if that’s true you really need to focus on your photos. But you can see a little bit of an error in analytics shown in the photo. This is you know this is gonna happen from time to time.

I’ve seen some updates from Google.

Where they’re not even posting the number of photos from their competitors. But you can see, there are a lot more views there the blue line red is their competitors. They are having way more views than their competitors.

Not 10x!

But certainly, double triple quadruple. What the number of people is looking at their photos than their competitors?

So you can look at this and determine, where you’re at and how many just take more action and get more people, customers yourself to upload more photos about your business.

Number #9: Download Google My Business App

The number 9 tip to optimize your listing is to download Google my business app. Google has been investing a lot of money and time and resources in this app, and they just launched a new version. It looks really nice.

I mentioned this because following up after our last tip about photos is because. You can take photos and videos and upload it directly to your Google my business listing through the app.

The apps are available on Apple and Android. I highly recommend downloading it because you can do stuff on the fly on the app. You can do a ton of things:

  • Make Posts: You can make posts which we talked a little bit about earlier.
  • Reply To Reviews: You can reply to reviews which we talked about earlier.
  • Get Notifications: You get notifications for reviews.
  • Edit Hours: You can edit your hours if you have if you’re closing early.
  • And Much More: You don’t want anyone to show up or you have special hours for a holiday.

You can edit that all from the app on the fly without ever visiting or using a computer.


I know some clients don’t even have computers in their business. They have tablets and phones so you can use Google my business app to edit everything you need.

I know we’re doing a lot of the computer, but you can do it almost everything from the phone as well. I wanted to show you around this Google my business app. Just real briefly.

google my business app

Because it’s so cool how they changed it. It has Stockton Marketing Agency’s business my address. Some quick analytics of your followers, which is a new component. Basically, people can follow your business and get updates through notifications.

That’s a cool new feature. You can see a lot of things and edit it by clicking the button appear on the bottom.

  • Make a post, add photos, which is I just mentioned really easy for you to add photos.
  • Review your latest posts.
  • Update information on the bottom customers there on the bottom of the screen is where you can look at reviews and reply to reviews.
  • Edit your profile all from the phone.

So I highly highly recommend downloading this app it will make your life easier.

Number #10: Upload Video To Google My Business

Number tenth or last tip for Google my business optimization is to upload videos about your business. These are any type of videos you have you can upload them. I’ve been saying photos.

But you can anytime upload a photo you can also upload a video.

So it’s a great opportunity to give it behind the scenes look at your business persuade people and what, I love about videos is that it doesn’t have to be professional.

It’s great!

If you have a professionally made video.

But even if it’s a decent video that’s authentic showing a behind-the-scenes look of your business, your only people around especially. If you have an event or it’s packed and it looks like a ton of fun or you have some really good things going on.

You can take a video and upload it directly to your Google my business listing.

I say it doesn’t need to be high quality.

Because I haven’t mentioned this yet but you only partly own your Google my business listing.


Any of your customers can take a picture or a video about your business and upload it. Those aren’t all going to be quality photos and videos.

They’re more of an authentic look of what is going on in your business. It’s kind of like you know Instagram stories or Facebook stories. It’s a similar quality where it doesn’t have to be very very professional.

But it’s more of a fun authentic look. I know that might be a new term.

Because this is a new marketing thing that’s been going on the last few years and even stories might be a new term for you.

So upload the videos. I’m going to show you an example of what that looks like really quickly.

upload a video on google my business

So here this a real estate related business. That you can see in the photo. They have their nice team photo, they have video.

If you watch that, it is a professional video.

So things are done a little bit more professionally. But if I saw an arcade type business. Where they could make a commercial quality video or they just had one of their employees walk around and talk about all the different games.

And upload different videos about what you can do in that arcade. That’s another kind of authentic example and you can use those videos to upload them to Google my business listing.

And make Google posts and also use on anything any social media platform for that matter. If you want to create them into stories.

I love videos!

I’m not gonna go down the video rabbit hole but it’s such a great opportunity for marketing your business.

Wow! Congrats, I’m serious you made some real progress and learning about Google my business and your online marketing. This was definitely not an easy article to take in all this information.

So a nice job, good work.

Now it’s your turn which one of these tips are you going to implement. Which ones are you struggling with or you still need.

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