How to Building Trust Social Media Marketing Context For Business

social media marketing

I am going to share something about how to building trust social media marketing context for business.

Have you ever wondered how to penetrate social media in a way?

That gets people looking at your videos and going to your fan page and even subscribing to your blog and bigger numbers and faster.


I’m going to show you a very simple technique on how you can raise the activity on all of those things with one simple technique you can apply on a daily basis.

So stay tuned!

One of the biggest mistakes that people make. When interacting in social media is being overly focused on trying to get people to take an action that leads to a transaction. And most people have a default setting on what I like to call stranger danger.

It’s the same thing that you tell your kids to avoid strangers and on the internet, people experience the exact same thing. They may not be thinking those words. But it certainly is a reason why people are leery of following someone that they don’t know that well.

So what I want to show you are the two things that I do on a daily basis that helped me to eliminate the stranger danger feeling.

So with that being said let me talk to you about a total of three things. Two things that I’ve done on a daily basis. I focus on these things.

Increasing Visibility

The first thing, I focus on is increasing my visibility. When you join a group for the first time in social media like Facebook.

You’re a stranger!

So what you’re going to have to do is work on increasing your visibility.

In other words, you want to participate and interact in that group on a regular basis. And i would say daily and in a way that’s valuable to the group as a matter of fact.

The smartest thing you can do is reach out to the group owner and ask them. What type of interaction in the group is considered appropriate as well as helpful and follow that blueprint and interact on a daily basis?

So what happens is as people start to see you your visibility they start to recognize you. Recognition is the foundation of credibility. Which is the next thing, we’re going to talk about but it really is your foundation. You want to do in a group is become visible for the wrong thing.

So how do you increase your visibility and do it effectively?

Well, the first point you want to focus on is how can I add value to the group. How can I teach train instruct mentor or coach in the group?

In a way, that’s not intrusive and then the way that doesn’t seem like you know.

You have a big head but it’s really simple to engage the group and see who’s posting questions and who makes interesting comments. That you could actually comment on an ad or take the conversation further with additional value.

Give tips, give advice.

Explain how things work those are the kinds of things that, you want to do in a group.

Become an Expert:

The comp an expert in your field period. That’s what’s going to build your trust. That’s what’s going to really make your target audience look at you as a figure of a 100. And as a figure, Ofori people are going to respect you and that respect will come to the trust.

And then the trust will lead to sales later on down the line.

As a kid, this is the science behind it.

As a kid, we were brought up raids and programmed to look up to a full 100 figures.

And trust them you know teachers and parents and hold the siblings. We look up to people and we almost see them as higher than us.

Now what you want to do is for your social media marketing. You want to create a platform, where you can become an expert.

So that’s providing helpful tips on how some work on and build their business or if your bakery by social media marketing.

For example, given the latest recipes on the cakes. And how to get your cake tasting the best way that they can taste the superior ingredients to use.

Anything that is providing value to your target market. You instantly become an expert and then when people look up to as an expert. They will start to value you and trust you.

This won’t happen in the first second or third going might happen in the sixth scope. The key is to