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Effects Of Social Media On Technology For Better Business

Effects Of Social Media

In this article, I am gonna share details about the effects of social media on technology for better business results.

Social media is one great tool that has caused massive transformation in our lives today. There’s no denying the fact that it has crept up to become an essential part of our lives. Formed all memories and more people come together to form very strong bonds.

There is a great connection between social media and technology. Both have control to give the best outcome you can ever think. Social Media is an application or website that aids communication, sharing information, ideas.

News via the use of a computer or other related devices, with lots of positive impact in life. It has affected every sphere of life from education to religion, politics, business, as well as communication. Technology is solving problems quickly.

Looking at our world today, most of the progress is as a result of technology. Research has shown that 62% of humans on earth all have social media pages. It has facilitated a lot of transfer of information in all areas of life.

Various Effects Of Social Media


It is easier to pass information across to a larger group of people using social media. And then to wait for broadcasting companies to pass the information.

Hence, it is more efficient, saves time and is faster. If I think a particular story CNN NEWS uploads on their twitter account have been altered has been eluded. I can send feedback to them stating the actual facts of the story.


As regards business, social media has helped several companies to advertise their products and services. To a larger audience at a more reduced cost. Rather than pay any advertising company.

It’s easier to open a Facebook page. After uploading all services on online everyone can see these. It has also aided customers’ response as it is easier to write a complaint or a review to a FanPage. And then to do so through customer care.


As touching politics it is easier to find out more information about life and history. These are for any political aspirant. What is seen on social media will affect the choice of selection of a candidate.

Effects of social media the political election of every country as most aspirants will take to social media to enhance. Their chance of victory as they gain more popularity and good image through what they upload on social media.

Customer Review

Through social media, a cycle of reformation takes place. Here is how it happens; a customer places a review about a piece of device, for instance, say a mobile device. The feedback is gotten and then improvements are made to the device from what the customers write. So its a cycle.

A person uses technology to share his opinions about another device. It is in turn used to create a better device. The world of benefits and impact of social media and technology have created is an infinite one.

Innovative Ideas

Through social media, a lot of people have the ability to suggest new ideas and innovations to existing systems. There are multiple contests passed around on social media to help others contribute their creativity into existing models of items.

Things that used to be confidential are now open source. The digital people have a say in what next they want to be produced for them. As well as in shaping the future of the designs that come their way. These are just a few of the effects of social media on technology.

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  1. Through social media you can connect with new professionals and help get new ideas and strategies to implement for your business. In addition, it will be an added advantage for you to become a blogger to reach visitors through your blog or articles.

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