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Facebook Stories: How to Use Facebook Stories – STEP BY STEP

Facebook Stories

I’m going to talk all about Facebook stories and what you need to know.

This is Facebook’s newest feature and their latest attempt to take down snapchat.

I first want to say that in the year 2017 the Drake should come out with an all-new hit single and call it stories.

Because you have stories and storytelling going on everywhere online on social media today. Your snapchat stories Instagram stories, you have Facebook Messenger day which is very similar to Instagram and now Facebook stories.

So Facebook’s latest feature that they’ve rolled out with you can now have snapchat s features within the user interface of their mobile app.

So, first of all, this is what Facebook stories look like when you are in the Facebook mobile. And this only works on a mobile device.


You have two options you can either go to the messenger to send someone a message. That is going to be the upper right-hand corner of the screen or you can go to the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Facebook Stories

That is where you go to activate Facebook stories and if you’re familiar with using Instagram stories or if you’re on even snapchat the functionality that you’re going to find is very similar in nature.

So once again once you hit that camera in the upper left-hand corner. You are going to see a circle ring very similar to Instagram or snapchat. You can swipe up through different lenses so on snapchat for those of you that are on there. Also, you have to hit the thumb over your face.

At that point.

You go ahead and activate lenses. Lenses are already built in for you.

So you can swipe up with these lenses. You can put these different lenses on your face and then you just hit the circular button to actually record. Once again very similar to snapchat and Instagram functionality. You can share and send that story or that content out to your network.

So here’s what you absolutely must know guys. Right now facebook stories feature is only available for the personal account.

So business pages as a now do not have access to create Facebook story content. That’s one to whoever is friends with you on Facebook will see your content.

So if someone is not friends with you on Facebook they cannot see your story unlike snapchat. Where you can give someone your username and they can follow your content Facebook does not have this functionality in place yet.

So what is the Facebook story, first of all, it’s a place where you can curate content for your friends without having to go to your newsfeed.

You can create short bursts very similar stats very similar to Instagram story content very short easy to digest what I like to refer to as microcontent. That’s the term keep that term micro-content lines.

I’m going to be talking a lot more about that going forward.

Because now the story isn’t something that’s unique to just one platform.

But it is across several.

So you can share these short versus microcontent with your friends on Facebook. They can consume, it doesn’t clog up your space on your newsfeed on your timeline.

But I will say this start looking at Facebook stories as the new newsfeed as people go onto Facebook as they get this new feature. As soon as they see your face up at the very top of their screens there any much more inclined to see.

What you are hosting as opposed to having to scroll through and see their newsfeed. So what Facebook is not friends is a snapchat.


Well, the functionality is very very similar. I don’t believe that this is enough to necessarily do away with snapchat on the contrary.

What I really like about snapchat in comparison to Facebook stories is the fact that with my username which is the itsmemh on snapchat. Make sure you had me there anyone can see my content provided that my profile is open breast Facebook.

It’s Facebook story specifically is still very private the only people are gonna see my content is those I’m friends with on Facebook.

So for those of you that use social media on a business level.

But yet your Facebook is still much more private intimate and personal. That’s the biggest difference there. Once again for brands since there are no stories for pages.

You can’t use it yet.

So what up still for snapchat one up, yet still for Instagram now here is how as a business. If you do want to use Facebook stories, what I highly recommend is that you start giving your community manager or your social media manager.

Whoever runs social media for your brand or your business. Start building their persona on Facebook.

The reason why is!

Because Facebook Messenger right now is the greatest unknown social network. That exists with over 1 billion users and once again backed up by Facebook as social media continues to evolve. It’s going to start to become less about public communication or public content has become much more about privatized media.

So I would highly encourage as a brand or as a business out there start building some characters within your business. And start giving your community manager or facing a voice on Facebook as an individual.

That way they can tap into the features and functionality of stories or messenger. Which currently as a business you cannot.

So that is how Facebook stories work. Somebody keeps in mind as you start balancing basic stories with Instagram stories. And snapchat is you should always try to use these channels in an omnichannel. Way to try to reach as many people as you possibly can.

But the key is not to just back up and save your snaps and put them on stories or this on Instagram or Facebook. The key is to really make a connection with that pocket of community.

That’s on the social network itself.

So diversify your content you’re a snapchat creator. Create behind-the-scenes content of your stats on Facebook stories or go on Instagram. Start saving some content on different platforms. It’s still going to drive people whether to see your calm or to your snapchat or wherever you want to take people to start using these other platforms.

To start seeding content out and funnel. People back to where you want to go and don’t feel that well.

I can’t be everywhere.

Because I don’t have the content create the content force yourself to actually build the relationships engage in the ecosystem. Create the content and if you do that at scale successfully. What you’re going to do over a period of time is to expand your reach.

You’re going to start to clog up some of the attention. That’s on these platforms, that’s being taken up by other content creators the name of the game. Here is not to be the noisiest person out of the bunch to name the game here.

So rise above the noise not drown underneath it by having quality content building relationships. Using the platform’s natively in the manner that they’re intended to be used.


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