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Get Instagram Followers: Top 10 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

get instagram followers

In this article, i am gonna share details about – How to Get More Instagram Followers? Here are the 10 most effective ways to get Instagram followers:

Instagram is a popular social media networking application for sharing photos, videos, comments etc. It runs on Android, IOS, and Windows operating system. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are the creators of the application.

They launched the application on 6th October 2010 exclusively on iOS. And after one year later, in 3rd April 2012, they launched Android version of this application and a few years later in 13th October 2016. They launched the windows version as well as. Nowadays the owner of the application is Facebook. Basically, Instagram is a pretty similar system like Facebook, Twitter.

Here registration is free for everyone. So, anyone can download and use this application easily. Here one user can follow another user and they can follow each other as well. When a user posts a photo or video, it will be displayed on only the follower’s news feed.


Now we are beginning the discussion on the question- how to get more followers on Instagram?

1. #HashTags:

Why should you use a hashtag?

Well, if you post a photo or video on Instagram, you only can reach your existing audience. But you probably want to reach your post to the largest audience possible. For that, you need to use the hashtag in your every single post so that the largest audience can see your post.

To like, comment and share your content, follow your account hashtag is a very much possible way to gain an audience. So, how can you find the effective hashtags on Instagram?

Suppose you’re running an eCommerce business. For this purpose, you should research what are the appropriate hashtags for your business. Thankfully there are different tools to find out best hashtags for you.

TagBlender: TagBlender is a hashtag generator tool for Instagram that you can get more engage on your post and get Instagram followers. So you can generate the ideal for setting the hashtags of Instagram from various fields like ‘Fashion’, Electronics’, ‘Photography’ etc. Moreover, you can use this tool easily and it’s totally free.

Similarly, there are few more tools for generating Instagram hashtags like- HashtagsForLikes,
Instagram tags, See metrics, All Hashtags etc.

For example here are few Instagram hashtags: #love #photooftheday #fashion #beautiful #cute #tbt #followme.

2. Quality Content:

Quality Content is the most important thing for getting a follower in a short time. If your content quality is good enough then user like, comment, share your post and follow your account. So, you must post clear and good quality photos and videos.

Moreover, create content for your targeted audience. Besides, try to understand which kinds of content they like. Content will be meaningful and useful to your audience. Your content must be interesting so that they would be interested to see.

3. Craft a Great Bio and Profile:

In every networking system profile is an important part to know who you are. At the same time biodata show your quality, skill etc. That’s why you have to complete your profile and fill up your personal data carefully for representing yourself.

Besides, you must keep in your mind about your targeted audience. According to your audience mention your service, quality, skill etc. Show your sincerity in every possible way. Then they would like to follow you on Instagram.

4. Link Your Instagram Account to Your Other Networks:

For getting more Instagram followers, you have to work for reaching your audience in every possible way. So, you can ask people in every possible networking system like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. You will connect people as the Instagram audience who are already your followers in another networking system.

5. Instagram Ads:

Instagram ads are a very effective way to draw your audience. Besides this is a very fast method to get Instagram followers. You have to pay for taking Instagram ads support. Try to target your audience by location so that you can connect with your audience easily. If you can pay for advertising, this is the best option for you.

6. Post Consistently:

The user should post on Instagram consistently for connecting with an audience regular basis. Because the audience always expects something special from users. So, if they like the users’ content, they will share the content with their friends. In this way, User can get Instagram followers regularly.

7. Run a Contest:

Running a contest on Instagram can make a large audience for you. Here you can ask users for following you and share your post. Simply post a photo or video on Instagram and ask other users to like your content as well as ask for following you.

8. Use Instagram Stories:

There are various methods that could help you to grow your followers. In particular, add your story on Instagram on a regular basis. In a day minimum, one photo adds to your story. It must be great content so that people want to see the story and follow you. It’s also a great way of marketing.

9. Like and Comment to Other Users:

First of all, target your appropriate audience for your Instagram account. Then find out their post for giving like and comment. However, take enough time for leaving a comment on their post so that they would be interested to follow you. From that post select some people and follow then for getting follow back.

10. Ask Your Other Followers to Follow You on Instagram:

Next, search Instagram users name on the search bar or find out from other’s posted image or video. Basically, who liked and comments those photos and videos. Ask them for following you on Instagram. If they are interested in you, they will follow you. At the same time, they will like and comment on your post.

Bonus one is you can consider buying followers to get Instagram followers. But then take care about the company. Must check they are really trusted or not. It’s very important to get quality Instagram followers.

Hope, you have got the answer to how to get Instagram followers. If you can apply all these methods properly. Then you will get a large number of followers on your Instagram profile.

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