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How Much Does YouTube Pay For 1000 Views

How Much Does YouTube Pay

I’m gonna cover how much does YouTube pay for 100000 views. A lot of people have asked how much do they pay. How much how many views do I need to get to make a thousand five thousand or even ten thousand dollars per month. What do I need and how do I get there. I’m gonna tell you that.

The first thing that I want to tell is this particular article, I am only going to talk about getting paid from YouTube themselves. So not affiliate marketing not sponsored videos nothing like that.

All from YouTube and Google Ads.

Payment depends on the audience. Let’s first talk about the niches. That is gonna have a higher CPM and then the niches that are gonna have a lower CPM.

CPM Paying Topic

If you have a

  • Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Make money online
  • Web Design & Development
  • Investing

then you’re gonna have a higher CPM. Which means that you’re gonna make more money for 1000 views.

Now lower CPM channels will be like:

  • Gaming channels
  • Entertainment channels
  • There are some other niches

but those are the two biggest ones.

So if you have an entertainment or gaming channel, those are prank channels to have millions of subscribers. Those guys are not making the amount of money that you think.

I do a few research on this stuff.

So, let’s get into!

I’ve shared with you the niches that make the most and lower amounts of money. So let me show you some channel examples, that I actually watched myself. I’ll explain to you why it is, they’re making the amount of money.

The first channel i’m going to be talking about is PewDiePie.

They have 87 million subscribers. He gets a lot of views. The one that he did yesterday that title QnA With future Wifey, that one 6.3 million views.

How much does Youtube pay him?

Honestly, I don’t know. If PewDiePie even gets paid from YouTube ads anymore. I know he used to I don’t know if he still does. If he were to get paid with 6.3 million views with that title.

Who’s gonna advertise. Who’s gonna likely advertise on his channel. It’s gonna be a very small market. It’s probably not a lot of money there.

So what he’s gonna get paid for a thousand views might be something more in line with maybe a dollar or less, not a lot of money. If you’re looking at per 1000 views. But when you got 6.3 million views.

It really adds up!

Another channel i’m going to be talking about is Jake Paul.

He does a lot of videos about Slime, Walmart, Yodeling. Also talking about maybe game stuff. He does more vlogs, because of that. He’s probably getting paid a little bit more. He’s probably getting paid between maybe two to three dollars per 1000 views.

Still not a huge number!

But it still hits not small, when he considers somebody did ten hours dough made got 1.2 million views.

So it really does add up.

Next one I’m going to be talking about is Casey Neistat.

He does vlogs. Also does review. So this one the many boosted board. People that are selling skateboards will probably advertise on his channel. People that do sporting goods. You know sport different things. Some business stuff they could advertise on his channel.

Because that, he’s probably getting paid between maybe four to five four to six dollars.

So not bad!

I’m gonna give you another example Marques Brownlee.

He does all quality tech reviews videos. So you look some of his boosted board, pixels three, red iPhone eight unboxing all these things are products.

So who do you think gonna promote on his channel? Whoever made the boosted board or the Google pixel three or even the iPhone eight. Apple is gonna promote on his channel. If you target the baked copies. I’m gonna show you exactly, how to do it in a second.

But if you target those bigger companies the people that have more advertising dollars to spend. You’re probably gonna make a little bit more. When I say your payment depends on your audience, it really does and not only that, if his audience is all from the United States. It’s gonna be higher.

Let’s say about PewDiePie. His audience is all from let’s say Australia or you know Germany or Russia or something wherever not the United States.

It’s probably gonna be less. The United States does have the most advertising being spent on it. After that I think there’s Australia there is Switzerland there’s Sweden there’s the Netherlands there’s the United Kingdom there’s Canada.

They’re all up there. But the United States is kind of the top. So in just a second, I’m going to give you some tips to increase your CPM (Cost Per Mil).

So that is technically a thousand views. I’m gonna show you how to increase it not necessarily how do you get paid more. For example, you know increasing your CPM will give you a higher income. But I’m not you tell you, go and create a viral video.

Obviously, that’s common sense.

But what isn’t, what are my best paying channels my best paying channels one is my business. I get paid over 10 dollars per 1,000 views. I get paid a little bit more than a penny per view which is great.

So Business and Finance do extremely well. Health does pretty good credit and debt repair is excellent home construction and remodels another one.

There’s a bunch of other real estate sites out there SEO and web design one of the ones. That is promoting like crazy right now or SEO and web design or web development click funnels is doing.

You got SEM rush is always going Wix is always promoting. There’s always stuff out there, that are promoting. So these are some great pain niches to get into.

Tips to Increase CPM

Let me give you some tips to increase your CPM. Follow these steps and increase the CPM of your views.

  • Use high paying keywords
  • Optimize video with those keywords
  • Make videos for high paying countries people

These are the only way to increase CPM for your video views. Your videos will show after searching by these criteria search term.

That’s all about how much does Youtube pay for views. If you like this article please share with your friends and let me know, if you have any questions.


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