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How to Get Verified on Instagram In 3 Helpful Steps: Proven Method

how to get verified on instagram

In this blog, i am gonna share with you how to get verified on Instagram. Also, an explanation of what Instagram verification means. And essentially a few tips on how you guys could potentially get verified on Instagram.

It’s very hard. There’s gonna be no simple easy way to do this. But if you guys are down to do the groundwork. Then i can give you some tips so hopefully one day you get that little blue check mark on Instagram.

So, let’s jump into this article!

I think it’s important to understand what that blue check mark really means. What it means is that you’ve worked so hard in your career whatever your profession is.

Let’s say you’re a hockey player or a musician or a doctor. You’re some notable person in the society that other people are trying to emulate or create fake accounts around. So, what that blue check mark is that yes, this is the official account of that person. So, if news comes from the official account, it’s probably true and it’s real. And that’s why people can’t create fake news around you because you now have that blue checkmark.

This is no easy task. It’s gonna be a long term goal for you. But I think if you guys keep it in the back of your mind while you guys are working on your Instagram account. There’s a chance that one day this could happen for you.

Helpful Tips For How to Get Verified On Instagram

Now, i am going to share 3 tips, that will helps you to get verification on Instagram. Follow these below:

First Tip:

The first tip is to build a brand that deserves having that blue check mark. This obviously takes a long time. This is your career that we’re talking about. So whatever your profession is, make sure that you guys have some notable articles online that showcase. Yeah, he gets talked about online in press and media outlets.

So, start looking up different ways to get featured in the press.

Second Tip:

The second one is to apply to get verified on Instagram. So even within Instagram. You can go into the account settings and actually click to try to get verified. You’re gonna upload your ID and some content some other stuff around there. That hopefully Instagram you know go through your profile one day and be like okay.


That person deserves a blue check mark. So, yes! just apply as often as you possibly.

Last Tip For You:

The last tip is gonna sound a little contradictory is just don’t care so much about getting it you don’t need validation from a corporation to say that your work is good or not. Having the blue check mark has not really made that big of a difference.

I’ve gotten a few other opportunities because of it or made it slightly easier to work with the company. But at the end of the day, the work speaks for itself and my pictures weren’t good people are not gonna want to work with me. If my brand wasn’t strong people are not gonna want to work with you.

So, fall in love with the job, fall in love with your career and eventually at some point, you guys will just get it will just be a part of another day for you.

Consequently, Yeah don’t care!

So much it really doesn’t matter. Hopefully, you can apply some of these tips. So, that you guys could potentially get verified on Instagram or you know if you care about it or not.

Proven Story

Now, gonna share one story about my brother, who is now verified. He just simple share his story how to he get verified on Instagram. Check out what he said.
how to get verified on Instagram
I got my blue verification checkmark on Instagram. At the time, I only had 10,000 followers. Now for those of you that don’t know. I also own a marketing agency and we do a lot of like commercial work with big brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Corona.

Now it was about two years ago, that I got asked by Mercedes-Benz Canada to do a takeover on their account.
Instagram Verification
On this one project, we were going across Canada. And I was the one representing the takeover and taking photos of their cars. While we traveled across Canada in all these vehicles.

How these companies work is that there’s Mercedes-Benz Canada. There’s an agency that represents them, and then there’s another company, that does a lot of like the ad buying. Mercedes-Benz is a very big international brand. That spends a lot of money, especially on advertisements.

And of course, they would be spending money on Facebook and Instagram, because the two are owned by each other.

So, they spend a lot of money on digital ads.

Which means they more or less have a connection directly with Instagram.

Yeah! help for money

I kind of had that in mind and I emailed my contact at Mercedes. And I said would there be any chance that you guys could hopefully push forward the opportunity to get the Instagram verification since I’m doing a takeover on your account.

The benefits that Mercedes-Benz gets by me having the blue verification check mark is that no one else can slander their name during that project. If I’m doing a takeover and someone creates a fake Chris Hau account and then says all this bad stuff about Mercedes-Benz. It’s hard to distinguish which voice it comes from.

But if I have the blue verification, there’s a good chance it wasn’t me who was saying it. So, that helps make legitimacy for the takeover.

It also looks good on Mercedes-Benz. Because they’re hiring top professionals and Instagram people. So it looks good for all parties involved, including me and the company and the agencies that are involved in this project.

So, i sent them the email they’re like, Yeah, I think we can possibly make that happen. And then about a week before the campaign.

I woke up that day and on Instagram, I opened it up for Instagram verification, and then i saw it. I saw the blue check mark and i was just like! it worked.

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