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How to I Get Traffic From Pinterest FREE for Better Ranking [ 2019 ]

How to I Get Traffic From Pinterest

How to I Get Traffic From Pinterest Free for Better Ranking?

A lot of people wants to know that.


I want to share the most effective things about how to increase your traffic from using Pinterest.

Everybody tells you the more traffic you get, the better it is. You keep hearing that over and over again. Also, you’re looking at your e-mail list yet.

It’s not growing as fast as you thought it would, or worse, your products and services are not selling.

What’s happening?

Quality traffic is so much more important. You are not able to drive quality traffic to your targeted business.

How do we grow quality traffic?

That will allow us to grow an e-mail list. Not just random people. But of potential qualified leads, that are potentially interested in your business.

Let’s jump to the things!

I want to talk about the 2 most effective things. These are really helpful to increase traffic from Pinterest to rank your business.

#1: Create Desire Content

The first thing that I want you to focus on is to create content. That creates a desire for your paid services or business.

So how do we do that?

Now, often, people will create how-to content, and that’s very useful. You to think about is to create content that overcomes your customer’s objections.


So that you can really be in a position to really help them. Sometimes people will not fix a problem or will not address something that they really need to address. That your services and business would help them address.

Because maybe they think they cannot do it. That they don’t have it in them to be successful or they have this fear of failure or whatever it is.


You need to create content that will help your potential leads overcome those objections. Create content that helps your customers know that you understand their problems.

That you’re helping them overcoming those first steps in the process.

So that would be the very first key step in terms of driving traffic to your content in a way that creates a desire for your services, for your paid offerings.

#2:  Use Target Keywords

The second thing that I really want you to focus on is to target keywords on Pinterest. That is specific for what you’re paid offerings are.

So why do I talk about keywords?

Pinterest is a search engine. It absolutely is. That i explain to another article. A lot of people think of it is social media, but it is a search engine.

There are two billion searches every single month.


That’s a lot of searches.

So when you’re looking for keywords through your target area.

Use Targeted Keywords on Pinterest

You need to be super specific about the keywords that you’re targeting. It has to have a very unique focus on what you’re offering.

For example, if you are a graphic designer, you may think let me have a board about home offices inspiration.

Because of a lot of people out there, a lot of Pinterest “experts” are recommending to do that.

Here’s the reality!

You will be attracting a whole bunch of people. That has perhaps and, most likely, no interest whatsoever in graphic design services.

Because you’re targeting way too wide with a home office inspiration. You wanna be very narrow and as targeted as possible in the keywords that you’re going after.

So be very specific when you’re thinking about the keywords. That you want to target and the type of content.

That creates a journey into potential leads for your business.

So I really want you to think about those things when you’re creating your content. You’re creating your e-mail growth strategy and your traffic strategy.

If you’re not, you’ll really be wasting a lot of time creating content or building an e-mail list. Their people that are just not interested in your offerings.

That you can’t really help, to be honest with you.

That’s all from me. If you like this idea about how to drive traffic through Pinterest and also grow an email list. Please share this article with your friends by your social networks.



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  1. If your pins aren t being saved from your personal boards or your group boards, consider leaving (or archiving) them. However, also check for clicks to your site in Pinterest Analytics you don t want to leave a board that s getting you clicks!

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