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How to Use Pinterest for a Business 2019: 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

How to Use Pinterest for a Business

In this article, I am gonna cover three common mistakes to avoid when using Pinterest for business. And how to use Pinterest for a Business.

All right!

What is Pinterest?

We often lump in Facebook, and Instagram with Pinterest. We often think of Pinterest as a social media. But that would be a mistake.

Because actually, Pinterest has way more in common with Google and YouTube. Then it has with Facebook and Instagram.

And the reason is that.

Because Pinterest is not social media. Pinterest is a search engine for me.

It’s at the core of the entire usage of that platform. So there are actually two billion searches done every single month on the platform. An that boils down to 45,000 searches every single minute.

It’s the third-biggest search engine in the world.

That i truly believe!

So while your competitors are focusing on Facebook and Instagram.

Why not capture the power of Pinterest for your business?

It could be something that you might want to consider for growing your business.

How to Use Pinterest for a Business?

However, people are starting to clue in more and more to the power of Pinterest.

So of course, when we’re talking about search engine, we talk about keywords.


Keywords are part of the recipe of success on Pinterest. The beauty though, with researching keywords on Pinterest is that. It’s actually not that difficult.

Let me show you how.

So let’s say you’re a how to use Pinterest, and you’re creating content about how to use Pinterest for a business.

how to use pinterest for business

You’ll simply go in the Pinterest search engine. You’ll type in how to use Pinterest, and you’ll see there at the top the most popular results that are associated with that term.

Click on one of those, and under you’ll see those very colorful tiles. These are additional keywords – ranked in order of popularity. That is attached to the word how to use Pinterest.

Of course, don’t copy!

But inspire yourself and create better things even. And if you do your job right, you’ll have a very good chance at ranking,

Because on average, Pinterest users will look at the top 60 results on a Pinterest search. So check out our another article about details on how to use Pinterest for business.

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid

I see a lot of people making that mistake. Everyone makes the mistake of the beginning. So let see what are that and how to avoid these.

Let’s jump right into it!

Mistake #1: Why More Content is NOT the Answer

Why more content is not the answer?

Why More Content is NOT the Answer

This one I see a lot of people are making rate in terms of people are either. They’re afraid of starting to produce content.

Because they think it’s gonna be so much work or they’re just on this treadmill of just creating content and content. Just giving it all away pretty much and that’s while their list is growing.

They’re not seeing the transformation in terms of the profitability of their business.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard that idea. Some people talk about where you should share 90% of what you know online 90 like.

You’re free content and then that’s just gonna bring you some goodwill from people. And they’ll just start buying from you.

Having a content strategy that really allows you to grow your audience while serving people.

But at the same time maintaining your profitability is super important.

Mistake #2: The Waiting Trap

The second mistake the waiting trap.

The Waiting Trap

I think it’s often related to being a little bit of a perfectionist. What i mean by the waiting trap is waiting for your site to be perfect.

Waiting for your brand colors to be a way you want or Waiting for the right product and offer. And Waiting for whatever it is in your time. Waiting for this perfect moment when really nothing is perfect.

It’s always progression over perfection and if you’re waiting for all like everything to be perfect in your business before you tackle Pinterest. It’s just not going to work that well.

Because you’ll never get to it!

So the idea is just to don’t wait for everything to be for perfect.

Of course, you need something in place.

But just build and tweak as you go like even if you wait for it to be perfect once you start using Pinterest for business. You’ll still figure out that you’ll need to make changes and make tweaks.

So just get you to know something that’s still good but doesn’t wait for it to be perfect.

Mistake #3: Getting Lost in Details

The next mistake is getting lost in the details.

Getting Lost in Details

This one is being done over and over again what I mean by getting lost in the details.

You are following several people online. You’re trying to understand from the outside and trying to figure out what they’re doing.

Then you grab a little tip from them and then you’ll grab a little tip from somebody else. They may or may not work together you don’t know.

Because you’re just seeing it from the outside and then you try to create a strategy from there.

And then what happens is that all those little details. Those little pieces they just don’t fit together and that becomes quite an issue.

Let me use an analogy to explain a little bit more!

I want to make sure I’m crediting it properly. I think any mention that, if i am giving you a puzzle.

It’s like a thousand pieces.

I’m giving you the box you know with the image and I give you like a day or two to figure it out.

It’ll take you some time to figure out.

You’ll be able to make the puzzle according to what’s on the image.

But if I take away from you the actual cover of the puzzle box. The one where the full image is if I take away from that from you.

Then I take all the pieces and I turn them around. All you can see are the great parts of the puzzle. You cannot see the actual image on them.

You’re just looking at the back of them. You will have such a hard time.

If you’re taking little pieces of strategy from here and there and trying to make it fit. You’re just gonna pull your hair.

It’s so difficult.

You don’t see behind in people’s business. It’s this proverbial where you only see the top of the heist burg. You actually don’t see what’s below or you just see the other expressions you just see the dock floating.

So when you go in and you’re trying to grow either through using Pinterest for business quite or any strategy for that matter.

You don’t have a clear path of turning those pinners into buyers. The very strategic kind of step-by-step way you will have a very hard time.

Just like trying to put that great puzzle together and it’s gonna be very tough.

If you don’t have a clear path plan for a building that knows like and trust. We keep hearing it a lot of that online building know like and trust is super important before people will buy from you.

So having a clear path and the clear strategy of turning your pinners into buyers is super crucial to your success.

So what can you do to help you get back on track?

That you’re not falling trap to those mistakes. You need to have a clear plan that’s you need to have before you start kind of going full-on in full path ahead.

You need to have a clear strategy, especially for Pinterest.

Because when you think about Facebook and Instagram and other social media. We’re really using them for most of us.

But when we think about Pinterest most of us are used to leveraging. It for like finding dinner recipes or things of that nature we’re used to it an impersonal environment.

We’re really not clear about how to use it for business.

Pinterest for me is the main platform where you can drive organic traffic. In a way that’s realistic in terms of timelines.

Let me know, do you have questions are there any other kind of mistakes that you’re thinking?

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