10 NEW Instagram Features That Will Help to Grow Your Instagram

Instagram Features

I’m going to squeeze a lot of information into a short amount of time about Instagram Features.

Because I have 10 different Instagram features. That I want to share with you that you may not know about or maybe you do. But anyway they’re the newest ones.

So I wanted to show you what they are and how to use these Instagram Features.

Number #1: Hashtag Insights

The very first one is a new update to the Instagram insights that business accounts get.

If you check out any of your posts and you go to the view insights tab. Scroll down to the bottom you know that there’s this section where it says impressions.

Hashtag Insights

Now, this is going to show you impressions that you get from home hashtags location etc.

But now with the new feature, they’re actually going to show you, which specific hashtags are bringing you.

The exact amount of impressions!

So I personally don’t have this feature yet which I’m really upset about but I know what others do.

But once you get it. It’s going to show you exactly which hashtag you used.

How many impressions did it bring you?

Hashtag Insight

That’s just gonna be a huge game-changer. So I’m super excited for that one to show up.

Number #2: Remove Followers

The next feature is being able to remove your own followers.

So I know that sounds kind of crazy. Because normally we’re working on growing our following.

But sometimes there comes a point, where you actually need to manage the people. That is following you and potentially remove some of them.

So if you’ve heard the term ghost followers before this is the feature that’s gonna help you deal with that.

Basically, a ghost follower is someone who follows you. But hasn’t actually commented or liked on any of your posts. Now determining who those people are is a bit complex of a process.

If you’re interested in removing followers for whatever reasons. All you have to do is navigate to the people that are following you. Then you see these three dots. You just go ahead and tap that, and then you can select remove follower.