Instagram Stories: 3 BEST Instagram Stories Tips For Business

In this article you are gonna learn best Instagram Stories tips. That will helps you to a higher ranking.  I’m gonna show you guys how to Instagram Stories for business.

If you haven’t figured out, I talk about Instagram, I talk about Facebook, I talk about marketing in general.

So today we’re gonna talk about why you need to actually use Instagram stories for business. See, Instagram announced stories a while ago.

It got so popular that you got Youtube now copying them and you can start seeing people doing stories on Youtube.

Does it work?

Kind of, it’s a little weird, little buggy, but Instagram killed it completely doing really really well. Took all the business from Snapchat and now everybody lives inside of Instagram.

The fastest way to grow your business on Instagram is to create stories every single day.

If you’re thinking, man I can’t do that, I dunno what to talk about, I dunno how to do these things. I’m gonna give you a few tips to help you ease your mind and focus you to just think about how to use Instagram as a machine to your business popular, to create relationships and connections.

Now before I go into it, I wanna talk about relationships and connections.


So there’s a lot of people that are just not willing to go DM people or to build relationships. they think it’s spammy. I’ve made some super-high-level relationships connections of just following them on Insta, commenting on their stuff so they notice me.

Then they follow me cause they’re like, all right I kinda see that he’s doing something too. And then we kinda start laughing inside of the comments together, it breaks the ice and then I boom

I’m all up in those DM’s.

And then I’m like, yo hey what’s up man?

I love your stuff, love to collaborate, and I’ve had people fly down here and collaborate. We’re working on some of his projects now and that started off Instagram.

There are a lot more things that I’ve been able to do, and I’m monetizing everything I do with it right.

Obviously, all the relationships are genuine and like some people are just my friends and stuff like that if it turns into business awesome. But you have to use this tactic to start growing business on Instagram and start building relationships.

Number #1: Network Through Instagram Stories

The first one is the network. It’s the basic and fasted way to grow your business on Instagram. You can easily share your services or products in your group. So your network makes you successful. That is the most real thing I’ve ever learned in my life.

Number #2: Create a Content Calendar

The number two is to create a calendar. There are seven days in a week, there are seven stories that you can be telling every single week.

I’m gonna give it to you like this. Monday hit people with motivation. Motivate people to get them excited to be like you guys.

It’s Monday we’re here, we’re setting up this is what I’ve got planned on Monday.

Get them that motivation and be like all right, I’m ready to let’s do this, it’s exciting. It’s an engaging thing to get people to watch the rest of your week.

show them

Tuesday, give them so tactics and show them that like you’re really doing this, give a lot of value.

Wednesday, we’re gonna go in and we’re just gonna have some sort of a workplace Wednesday.

If you’re a real estate agent and you’re kinda just driving around, show the homes, show everything. I’m always showing the office and kind of how we’re doing things, etc.

Thursday you’re gonna go back to tactics. Or give them some sort of a testimonial, show them what’s going on.

You’re gonna teach something, go out, teach something, give people knowledge, help them in their space.