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How to Hide Likes And Dislikes on YouTube Videos [NEW Method]

likes and dislikes

I am going to share with you step by step process about how to disable video likes and dislikes on Youtube.

Lets started.

As always, I have a question to kick off this YouTube beginner’s guide.

Have you ever wanted to disable the likes and dislikes count on one of your videos?

Well, you can do it! Here’s how to?

And then, i’ll answer the question of whether you should or you shouldn’t. When you are logged into YouTube, you should see your channel logo in the top right-hand corner of most YouTube screens.

youtube studio

If you click on that, you have the option to go to YouTube Studio. This is currently in beta, but will become the standard as 2019 progresses.

youtube dashboard

This is the new dashboard or homepage for the YouTube Studio as it will look in 2019. You want to go to videos and this will list all of your videos with the most recent first.

Select the video that you want to amend the likes and dislikes count for, and then click on the advanced tab at the top.


One very simple change is required on this screen.

If you scroll down, you should see a checkbox. That says users can view ratings for this video.

video ratings

Something to take note of at this point is that, although the count is disabled. Viewers can still like or dislike your video and that will be reflected in the video list on your analytics.

try yourself!

Uncheck the “users can view ratings for this video” and save changes. Then check this video status is blank. No video likes and dislikes are showing. Again check this checkmark and see the video status. You can see the previous status all likes and dislikes are shown.

So, that’s how you do it.

Now let’s answer the question of whether you should.

From a viewer’s perspective, if they cannot see the likes to dislikes on a video. There’s one burning question, that’s going to be in their head.

that is, why?

At the very least it raises curiosity. Because it’s something different on a YouTube watch page. But most people will find it a little suspicious.

The default conclusion that viewers will likely come to is that the video creator has hidden the public stats. Because there are too many dislikes on the video and they don’t want the viewers to see that.

This often falls into the same question as to why video creators hide their subscriber count. By default, both subscriber counts and likes to dislikes counts are shown publicly.

So the video creator has made a conscious decision to hide them. So that the viewer is gonna be asking.

Why did you do this?

On the other hand, in the defense of the video creator. Sometimes their videos are being maliciously attacked by random numbers of mass dislikes, which they cannot control.

YouTube themselves have recognized this is a problem and they want to address it with your help.

Now, since you’ve got this far into the article, you are honor-bound to share this on your social accounts and let us know in the comments below your thoughts on disabling likes and dislikes.

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