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5 Tips to Using Pinterest for Business Success – STEP BY STEP

If you’re like the rest of the world, you’ve probably flocked to Pinterest, and if you’re like me, you’re probably addicted to it.

The good news is that your customers are too.

So pay close attention because I’ve got 5 tips to use Pinterest to boost your business success.

TIP #1: Set Your Pinterest ObJective

First, before you do anything, you need to set your Pinterest objective.

What are you trying to achieve?

Don’t just create a profile because everyone else is doing it. You need to figure out an objective. So set Pinterest objective:

  • Make Connections: Are you trying to make connections with customers?
  • Drive Traffic: Are you trying to drive traffic?
  • Increase Awareness: Are you trying to increase brand awareness?

Once you figure your objective out, it will plan the rest of your strategy.

TIP #2:  Figure Out Your Brand’s Lifestyle

Secondly, to really make the most out of your Pinterest page, you need to focus your strategy around the lifestyle of your customers.

For example, here at Volusion, the connecting thread that we have through our merchants is that they’re entrepreneurs.

So if you visit likesactive‘s Pinterest profile, you’ll see that we’ve got vacation spots, good books to read and the whole nine yards.

By also playing to your customers’ interests, you’ll really encompass the lifestyle mentality of Pinterest and connect with your followers.

TIP #3: Skip The Sales Pitch

Number three, and this one’s really important to skip the sales pitch.

People are on Pinterest to have fun, not to be sold to.

Yes, while it’s okay for you to have a board that has product images from your online store, don’t make that the entirety of your profile, because you’ll just drive people away.

TIP #4: Learn About Your Followers

Number four, learn about your followers.

There’s a wealth of data living in all of your followers’ Pinterest profiles, so take some time to go and see what your followers are pinning.

pinterest for business

It will really give you insight into what their emotions are, and then you can use those insights to reach them more effectively with your marketing communications.

TIP #5: Establish Relevant Metrics

Last, but definitely not least, make sure that you establish relevant metrics.

Remember, our very first step was setting an objective, so you need to figure out how you’re going to measure your progress.

Take a look at, Measure progress with:

  • Followers: How many followers you have?
  • Repins: How many repin your pins are getting from your boards?
  • Referral Traffic: How much referral traffic is coming to your site from Pinterest?

These are all good examples of ways to measure your success.

Hopefully, these five tips will turn your Pinterest profile into a Pinterest selling machine and boost your business all the way around.

If you have any questions, just leave me a comment in the box below and I’ll get right back to you. From me to you, happy selling!


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