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Pinterest Video Marketing: How Does Pinterest Video Works For Business

I got something really important to tell you about Pinterest. How Pinterest video works and how to do Pinterest video marketing for your business.

Pinterest is growing much faster than Facebook and Twitter. It has 250 million users Pinterest every month and two billion searches every single month also 45,000 searches every minute. Everything within a short time and Pinterest for profit are you aware of just how fast.

So it’s a fantastic platform for you to build a brand and also to get people to interested in products. Arrange your products and obviously sell to know what you need though is a strategy. This strategy applies, particularly to businesses. It is for highly visual businesses such as fashion, food or any kind of businesses.

Pinterest Video Marketing

This is the ideal platform to rank any business or products by uploading images. But you could always upload a video to Pinterest. You can actually upload video and video can actually rank.

pinterest video marketing

You can use video on their advertising platform to increase your brand name. Also you can read more about that just Google in Pinterest video and a bunch of posts about why Pinterest is using video on their platform. The problem with this is a little bit crude as for the thumbnail you can’t upload your own thumbnail.

But it didn’t do much for you in terms of ranking in terms of traffic in terms of anything. I would still of course focus on images. because that’s what brought Pinterest to where they are.

How does Pinterest Video Work for Marketing?

In 2016 Pinterest launch this feature to play the right video by tapping on it in a pin. Some video pins automatically play in the home feed also the search results.

some video on pinterest

From November 2016 people watch native video on Pinterest and explore the section. And people love this and enjoy watching videos on Pinterest.

Explore section on Pinterest

Then the video content gives huge growth to a business owner in August 2017. With promoted video pins Pinterest becomes the best marketing place for Pinterest video marketing to generate huge traffic effectively.

Pinterest video pins

With pin video on Pinterest, you can share details about your business. People love watching a video to understand any idea or anything. Video also works as an image on Pinterest. But need to pin that with the right way as like image pin.

You should take care of better title, a good description with 4-2 #hashtags. There is no difference between image and video on Pinterest marketing. Even you will get a better result with promoting a video on Pinterest. A video also ranks top on Pinterest that makes a huge value to boost a business.


You should invest a little bit of your time uploading your videos on Pinterest. That can help you to increase better result for Pinterest video marketing. Just to hedge your bets for the future as Pinterest pushes into the video.

It doesn’t hurt to also upload your videos to Pinterest as well. Because they support that platform did this work they support that media video. So make sure you take advantage of that.

That’s all from me about Pinterest video marketing. I just cover details that i know about how to marketing video on Pinterest. If you have any questions or any idea please share with me. That will help to make this post more informative.

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