YouTube Dislike Bot: The Definitive Guide

I want to talk about Youtube dislike bot. It’s all about the rating system on YouTube.

In fact, the like and dislike buttons below videos.

Why people exploit them and the proper way they should be really used. If you’d like a video on youtube. Then you go and load the video. If you don’t like it, then you click this load bar there’s nothing against doing that on YouTube.

That’s the honest way of giving feedback to someone’s videos to look at the ratings. The problem is these days you click on a lot of videos and they have a lot of dislikes when generally the video is pretty good.

So you’ve got to think that video could youtube dislike bot by a certain user individual out there who spends it on disliking videos using a dislike bot which is just insanely crap.

Whoever you are doing that you’re extremely pathetic.

YouTube Dislike Bot with Me

I’ve experienced myself this situation in the last three to four days where some of my videos have been dislocated could be via the same guy. It could be why multiple guys.

If you are watching this video whoever’s done it.

You are extremely pathetic and you need to obviously focus on your own channel rather than destroy ratings on mine. The thing is these days with liked and dislikes on videos.

Even if it’s a dislike, it’s classed as a rating. It won’t affect the video in youtube search.

So someone wants to give you 100 dislikes and 100 likes.

That will be classed as a 200 rating and you’ll be moved up in the youtube search accordingly due to the total amount of ratings. It’s just a shame that the one featured at youtube has really to give feedback on a general conception of the video whether to Loken this.

It has now kind of gone.


We see so many dislocates being used and it’s by individuals that are just not respected in the community. They don’t have a big channel.

So they feel they just can start to try and destroy others. They can’t do that by the way.

But it’s just obviously crap to click on a good video that has got 50 to 60 dislikes anything surely 50 to 60 people can’t dislike.

That video is really generally good video.

It’s just a shame.

For example, if your video gets 60 likes and it has 60 dislikes.

But 55 of them a dislike botted when someone clicks and watches that video.

The first thing they’re going to look at it’s got 60 dislikes.


I’m not gonna bother watching that close-down and that’s the general conception of what the users are going to be like.

It may then lose your view on the video or subscribe or outlet for that matter.

That’s why I really think it annoys me these people just put in a dislocate. The content creator rather than clicking dislike just on one account or whatever.

I can’t they want to do on and leave in the comments and what they don’t like.

It’s just gone completely bonkers and ruining YouTube’s only real way of rating a video.

So it’s a little bit of a shame.

So here are my personal words about YouTube dislike bot. Share your thought with me in the comment section.

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